Santa Fe 5th/6th Grade Center

Dear 5th and 6th grade students and parents,

Welcome to this Wiki Space where you will be able to gather information, learn about your assignments and respond. The assignments and activities support extended learning for students at their challenge level.

  • Homework (assignments, projects, books to read, links)

  • Discussion (responses to ideas and stories, questions) REMEMBER TO ONLY USE YOUR FIRST NAME or INITIAL

  • Resources and Links for research and projects.

  • Student run and managed pages.

Students are reminded to follow all the internet safety rules and manage themselves in a responsible manner while online. Students will only use initials, coded student IDs or first names. Responses and participation in the wiki will be maintained in a way so that only the members will know who they are. Publicly identifiable information will be removed when found.

Parents are encouraged to explore the pages, read student responses and ask questions.

Thanks, ND